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【Enterprise introduction】

Shanghai Tian Le cartoon daily necessities Development Co., Ltd., is a collection of scientific research, development, design, production, sales, OEM in one of the professional cosmetics business. Founded in 1995, more than twenty years to forge ahead, and always committed to the professional cosmetics production and brand operations. From 2004 onwards, add music company by virtue of the advantages of their own conditions, duo la a dream brand licensing, and because the Duo a dream of brand operation has been impressive, and further to attract Time Warner, Mattel, Disney and other international well-known enterprises to take the initiative to seek cooperation, started to take Tom cats and Jerry Mouse, Barbie, Disney and other world-class well-known brands authorized in the field. Sales channels covering 32 provinces in the country's super, WAL-MART chain, wholesale channels and several major e-commerce platform, but also exported to Europe and the United states. Now, add music is China the only one operating a number of well-known brands of the world of professional cosmetics authorized operators, brand licensing industry leading enterprises, to present a same industry impact for acting for the international first-class brand.

Guangdong Tian Le Cosmetics Co., Ltd. (Shanghai Tian Le cartoon daily chemical products development Co., Ltd. production base covers an area of 50 acres, with a total construction area of 40000 square meters, 1 00000 dust-free workshop, the standard laboratory and quality testing equipment, a number of advanced production line annually by GMPC and ISO quality standard factory inspection, and through WCA, the Walt Disney Company Social Responsibility factory inspection, to ensure the production of cosmetics safety and health to prevent foreign body, toxins, microbial contamination of the product. The main products include shampoo, shower gel, skin care products, lip balm, toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, toilet water, talcum powder, etc.. At the same time, Tim music also cooperation with the Chinese Academy of Sciences set up a professional R & D team, to provide high-quality products to consumers and to ensure normal use after effects and health, nearly 2 years with the invention patent 4, 4 high technology products is Shantou science and Technology Bureau designated Engineering Technology Research Center.

Our core values


The customer is supreme, the vision is long: we make sure to bring the added value to the customer, and encourage the customer to grow, because we know that they chose us. We are used to guide the future, seize every opportunity to continue to learn, to be aggressive.
Quality oriented, innovation not only: for quality, we will never compromise. We spare no effort to pursue a better and more suitable solution to the customer's needs and breakthrough innovation.
Initiative and responsibility: the future of music and the interests of customers, we have full autonomy to make recommendations and decisive action. We take responsibility for our own actions, and serve the community, and return to society.
Solidarity and cooperation, fun: to achieve excellence, we and all the colleagues and other partners, mutual respect, mutual dependence. We enjoy the process of cooperation and enjoy the achievements we have achieved together.
Our core values not only inherit the tradition, but also express the expectation of the future. To uphold our core values is the responsibility of every one of us.



Concept declarationWe are committed to ensuring the safety of the production of daily cosmetics

Mission Statement We serve our customers and work together to provide the best solution for the field of daily cosmetics processing and packaging.

Whenever and wherever, we promise to achieve continuous innovation, to meet the needs of consumers and suppliersCooperation, the pursuit of the best program.


Development history

  • 2015

    A dream IAGO prebiotics children Xihu series listed, once again leading the industry development trend
  • 2014

    Disney child care products market
  • 2011

    The United States GAME X men's sports brand launched
  • 2010

    Disney beauty products listed on the United States
  • January 2008

    Tim Le access to MATTEL Co., Ltd. authorized the production of " Bobbi " brand children's cosmetics. March 2009 " Bobbi " children's cosmetics market.
  • March 2007  

    "Brand Tom and Jerry" cosmetics market.
  • December 2006

    Tim Warner Music acquired pmw-gb Co. Ltd. authorized the production of "brand Tom and Jerry" cosmetics.
  • 2006

    Duo a dream "children's cosmetics into" Watson "," Wal Mart "stores, has been in the country nearly one thousand three hundred stores sold, sales situation is good.
  • May 2005

    Duo a dream "series of products in the Pudong New Area of Shanghai," the Ninth China Beauty Expo ", stand out among the exposition of the many brands of children, won the Organizing Committee awarded the" best of show Award ".
  • March 2005

    Duo a dream "children's cosmetics series products listed and to participate in the Shanghai Everbright" the ninety Fifth China washing makeup beauty salons and commodity trading will ", has been named the organizing committee" outstanding design award ".
  • December 2004

    Tim Le International Pictures authorized the production of Japan's "A dream" series of children's cosmetics. 2005 March "Duo La a dream" children's cosmetics series products listed and to participate in the Shanghai Everbright "the ninety Fifth China washing makeup beauty salons and commodity trading will", has been named the organizing committee "outstanding design award".

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