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International first class famous brand

      From 2004 onwards, add music by virtue of its own production and sales of integrated channel advantage, Duo a dream brand licensing, and by virtue of the brand operation outstanding achievements, to further attract Time Warner, Mattel, Disney and other international well-known enterprises to take the initiative to seek cooperation, started to take Tom cats and Jerry mouse, Barbie, Disney and other world-class well-known brands authorized in daily chemical industry。
       Doraemon is Tim music cartoon cosmetic brand core, rooted in the Chinese market more than a decade, with the industry to a first-class product quality, the Duo a dream children Xihu products covered by Wal Mart, vanguard, everybody is happy etc all Ka terminal, distributors, channel network throughout the national market, set up the extensive brand awareness and good brand reputation. Will uphold and ensure the safety of cosmetic products, add music innovative research and development, integrated marketing resources to fully will build Doraemon brand to become the domestic first-class children Xihu brand,

Outlook 2016 year

       2015 with Doraemon "with our counterparts" version of the film was released, Duo the a dream with my peers prebiotics children Xihu series products listed synchronization, the first industry prebiotic food grade additives, once again leading the children Xihu industry development.
            2012, Tim Disney, CO launched the brand of cosmetics. Disney Park series, a series of garden, orchards, clubhouse series a listing that sought after by the market, because most people are grew up watching Disney cartoons, so Disney and Tim children happy cosmetic jointly produced by from the vast number of consumers, to obtain the rich commercial value. By 2015, the Disney "love hug children Xihu series attack again and looking forward to the 2016, Shanghai Disney theme park will soon open, I believe will set off a new wave of Disney boom.


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