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Financial Analysis Manager

Recruitment number: 1 people

Education requirements: Bachelor degree or above

Work experience: 6-10 years

Contact: Miss Lai

Recruitment number: 1 people

Gender requirements: no limit

Age requirements: 30 years of age or older -45 years of age

Tel: 0754-82488888

Location: Shantou Haojiang District

E - mail box: 526412090@qq.com

Address: Guangdong province Shantou city Haojiang District River Road and road intersection to the northwest corner (commuting shuttle bus to Shantou)

Job requirements:

Job description

1 according to the business department and the accounting department to complete the internal statements and management reports, analysis of the various statements, periodic preparation of financial analysis report;

2 leading company budget preparation, and monthly according to the actual implementation of the budget of the important differences in the production of financial analysis report, put forward reasonable improvement suggestions;

3 analysis found that the cost control problems, put forward suggestions for improvement, to develop a comprehensive cost control plan;

4 step by step according to the actual situation of the company, combined with the sales situation, the implementation of order review; the implementation of financial supervision function.

5 to assist in the collection, revision and formulation of the company's internal financial control system and supervise the implementation of the;

Education and training: Bachelor degree or above in financial accounting or management; intermediate accountant or above.

Hands-on background:

More than 1.5 years of experience in the production and sales of consumer company, financial accounting experience, 2 years of experience in financial analysis, familiar with the company's financial analysis, financial management, budget management;

2 understand the operation of the production and sales of the fast moving consumer goods companies, with strong problem sensitivity and analysis of the problem;

3 have strong data processing ability, proficient in Kingdee K3 and related office software.

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